Giving Thanks à Paris

Yesterday we enjoyed a delicious Thanksgiving meal with eleven of our friends and a giant rotisserie turkey. The Poultry Master came through! With the exception of cranberry sauce (the only cranberries I found were past their prime), we had all the classics, only better. Stuffing made with day-old baguette and chestnuts, sweet potato casserole with candied pecans (thanks Corry!), gingered carrot soup (thanks Leslie!), mashed potatoes, and my family’s traditional favorite, ambrosia salad. Friends David and Dina brought the most pungent cheeses and the most delicious champagne, Susan brought dried sausage from Lyon, and we enjoyed pumpkin pie for dessert thanks to Curran, who came all the way from New York ‚?? pumpkin pur√©e in hand ‚?? just for the festivities.

Welcome to my life in Paris

The view from my window

I’m finally going to join the over 50 million people world-wide who find it necessary to keep a blog. Not that I am going to completely upgrade from Moleskine journal to type, but this is an awesome tool to keep in touch and keep things for the record.

Having just moved to France for dissertation research, I thought this may be the time to keep a record of my adventures ‚?? scholarly and otherwise ‚?? and share them with the five people who will come across this.


About me

Rachel Seine

I’m a grad student living with my techie husband in the Latin Quarter of Paris, France. Researcher by day, crafter and wine drinker by night, I blog about life in Paris, our travels, culinary experiments, art, books, and my many crafty projects in knitting, crochet, sewing, and most recently, quilting.