Wedding Shawl


My first lace project was a shawl I made for our wedding. Because the average weather for late December in Sarasota is in the 60s, I thought it would be smart to make a cover-up to match my dress. In the end, we were sweating, so I didn’t actually need to wear it. It came in handy at the rehearsal dinner, however, as my talented, artistic cousin, Kristen, wore it all evening (she’s wearing it while drawing in the photo at left)

I knit this lace out of 100% silk yarn purchased from Purl in Soho (NY). For a truely airy lace, I should have used a thinner yarn, but I just fell in love with the silk yarn that perfectly matched my antique-looking ivory dress.

The pattern is below. It is repeated nine times across, with an edge of 2 stitches, always knit, and adding a border of 4 rows on each end. In between each charted row, knit a row all the way across.

0 / – – – \ 0
– – 0 ^ 0 – –
– 0 / – \ 0 –
/ 0 – – – 0 \
– / 0 – 0 \ –



One thought on “Wedding Shawl

  1. That is georgeous!
    I found you on the knot and have a few questions for you. 1st I picked out the same bridesmaids dresses that you did but in persimmon. I love the color combo of your dresses and was wondering what the names of the colors are?
    2nd I also like the bubbles that you used. Where did you get them? Thank you so much and I love your bio and your wedding was gorgeous!
    my e-mail is Sara_Briggs at sbcglobal dot net.
    Thanks again

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