Reception Details 1: Favors


Yes, it’s been over a month, but I thought I’d share a few how-to’s for our reception. I’ll start with the fun stuff today: favors!

Ever since I received some for my birthday one year, I have loved the look of marble magnets. These shiny, candy-like little jewels offer endless possibilities for a party theme, be it certain colors, tiny pictures, or other little graphic bits. Not Martha has several examples of the beautiful ones she made, as well as an excellent tutorial.

I wanted to use vintage maps and did a disappointing trial run. I envisioned bright, little magnified street layouts or colorful country borders and ended up with monochrome mush. It was time-consuming cutting out all of the little circles and the magnet sheets I cut to size and glued onto the glass were not even strong enough to hold a sheet of paper on the fridge. I was ready to give up and, well, pretty much did.

Thankfully, my artistically-inclined and very patient sister, Monica, took over the project. Since the maps I was using were on too big a scale, she bought a small (about 8″x8″) calendar of vintage maps that were reduced enough to show many little details in a small 1-cm round. She also saved tons of money by using quality color photocopies of the images instead of purchasing several calendars…and she can still use the calendar.

She further improved on my trial by using a small circular punch tool (available at scrapbooking and craft stores) to quickly create the rounds to be glued to the glass marbles.

She made about 300 in one night of videochatting with me from Minnesota. They looked great on my screen and I couldn’t wait to see them.

Left to be decided was the container in which they would be presented at the wedding reception. I absolutely loved the idea of Altoids-sized tins (the magnets stick perfectly to the bottom and a personalized label would give it a finished look), but thought I may want to include some sort of edible treat in there as well. Monica purchased some ribbon and a bunch of take-out boxes (the ones at Michael’s are expensive – next time, we’ll just ask to buy some from our favorite take-out Chinese restaurant).

I ordered custom fortune cookies, but the company I used was closed between Christmas and New Year’s and therefore could not process my order. Not thrilled with the communication of this information (there wasn’t anything written on their website!)…but luckily we had brought to Florida bags and bags of French papillote chocolates. They are a holiday candy from Roanne, France (where I lived in 1996-1997) that have little sayings inside. OK, so they’re like a fortune cookie: only more unusual, so more exciting for our guests, right? …and you just can’t go wrong with chocolate.

We used our “R [palm tree] S” embosser plate from WG press to emboss one of the top flaps of the box. We placed the magnets onto a cut piece of magnetic sheet (that stuff was useful after all!), 2 on each side, so that they would be presented nicely and face-up, not sticking to each other and rolling around in the bottom.

We tied ribbon around the boxes and voila! An unusual but useful travel-themed favor that was very much “us.”



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