Baby Bootees Take II

White BooteeIs it bootie or bootee? No matter; the pattern experiment continues. I really enjoyed sewing up this white bootee in cotton yarn. Double-pointed needles are what I feel most comfortable using, which may be why I prefer this pattern over the few I’ve tried so far. No seams, no buttons, just round and round like a sock or mitten. It’s a design by Megan Mills and you can go to her site to print off the pattern yourself! Choose either top-down or bottom-up bootees.

Next step: add the tie for the eyelet round (you can’t really see the eyelet holes very well, but I promise they are there…) and most importantly, graft the bottom. I have had trouble grafting in recent years and cannot figure out why, since as a beginner over a decade ago, I could follow grafting directions step-by-step and they looked wonderful. These days I just cheat by sewing through the remaining stitches and pulling tight, like a drawstring. That can only work for so many patterns. But there is hope: reading Craft Lover‘s blog led me to her excellent step-by-step directions, fully illustrated. I may just get a couple pairs of these finished on this long weekend!

*Edit* I’m making progress!  I successfully grafted the sole and added the tie. I decided to just use a piece of the yarn, with substantial knots at either end for ease in tying and to prevent fraying.  One down, many more to go! Pretty cute, if I do say so myself:

GraftingWhite Bootee Finished

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