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Knit Public Bootee SMHow did you celebrate Worldwide Knit in Public Day yesterday? Many areas of Paris held events in a range of formality, but my friend Julie and I decided to celebrate La Journ√©e Mondiale du Tricot at the beautiful and centrally-located Palais Royal. The French yarn company Phildar was giving away free needles and yarn, but we were so overwhelmed by dedicated to our current projects that ‚?? gasp ‚?? we decided to pass on it.

The Palais Royal is located just across the rue du Rivoli from the Louvre Museum. One of many experiments in making contemporary an old royal site (like the Louvre’s pyramids), the courtyard is covered in black- and white-striped columns of various height designed by the contemporary artist Daniel Buren. The little columns made for lovely perching seats for knitting, although I had to work on my posture to save myself from a backache.

To coordinate with our surroundings, a small group of the organizers made a knit Buren column, which I thought was quite lovely (see photo below). Julie is getting closer to finishing the scarf she’s working on for her trip to Iceland this summer, and I almost finished bootee number 17 million. The sun even made an appearance and everyone was in good spirits: strangers talked to each other, friendly little ladies came up to us talking about how they used to knit socks, too… Restores your faith in humanity, to be honest. Ah, the power of knitting!

Knit Column SMKnit Column Close SMJulie & Rachel SMWorldwide Knit Public Poster

3 thoughts on “Knit in Public Day

  1. aw man, Geneva Stitch n Bitch dropped the ball on this one, we didn’t plan anything! Tonight is or regular meeting so at least we will be knitting in the windows at Starbucks (we always have at least two or three groups of people who literally stop to stare and point at us.)
    Looks like fun in Paris!

  2. There’s always next year, Sara! I wouldn’t have known about it if it weren’t for my friend Julie and her mom who cuts out all articles knitting-related.

    Isn’t it funny how knitting draws such attention? In NYC our craftnight group would sometimes meet in a bar and we got the craziest dudes coming up to us, making comments about their grandmothers, even joining us! We weren’t looking for attention, just a place to get together.

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