Blackberry Chicken

Berry Chicken

It sounds bizarre, which I suppose it is, but the people over at Eating Well magazine have come up with a deliciously light chicken recipe involving blackberries, nectarines, and cilantro. It’s served over polenta spiced with cumin.

I had the pleasure of tasting this dish when I was invited to the weekly Wednesday-night dinner that some friends of a friend host at their country home in southeastern Wisconsin. The hostess chooses the recipe, divides up the grocery list to all the guests, and then has everybody over for food, wine, and a whole evening of fun. While my pictionary team didn’t collect too many points, we did succeed in finishing off every last bite of the meal.

The recipe is online here.

My First Quilt

Quilt Monica Rachel Smile

I’m back from my summer break! I didn’t leave the U.S. without having my sister teach me how to make a quilt, however. She has all the fancy equipment (plastic cutting board with angle and measurement guidelines, sharp pizza-cutter thingy, plastic clear cutting guide, sewing machine…) and stayed up until midnight showing me what to do. Poor thing had to get up at 6am the next morning to accompany a group of rowdy high schoolers on a 3-day camping adventure. Thank you, Monica!!

I have most of the cutting and about half the seams done. Now that I’m back in Paris and without a sewing machine, I’ll have to hand-stitch the remaining seams, and hand-sew the backing to the front. This is okay with me, since we have already made great progress and saved a lot of time machine-stitching.

We’ve had some Provençal-printed fabrics Monica and I bought 7 years ago in Aix-en-Provence, and I’ve decided the remnants in primary colors + green would make a very cheerful baby quilt. The pattern I’ve chosen is called “Traveling Around the World” and is appropriate for the baby I have in mind: his mother is Japanese, his father American, and they all live in Hong Kong. I only hope I can finish it in a timely manner, since the previously-attempted baby sweaters have been quite a challenge. The nice thing about a quilt is that, if it’s big enough, the child won’t out-grow it, so I can have a more relaxed timeline.

Below are some pictures of my first adventure in quilting. More to come!

Quilt Tools  Quilt Cutting Pieces  Quilt Monica Cutting   Quilt Rachel Cutting

Visiting Family

Travel Journal Small

I’ve been on my whirl-wind tour of the States since June 19th and won’t be back to “normal” life in Paris until July 26th. I do look forward to updating the blog about:

~How I sold all our belongings in New York as we moved out of our lovely Sullivan Street abode.

~Our cross-country driving trip with books, mementos, and artwork filling the rental van.

~A good ol’ fashioned Fourth of July in Wisconsin.

~Northern California in all its tide-pool-laden glory, which I just left last night.

~The new Canon Rebel digital SLR camera that I have been abusing throughout all the aforementioned adventures.

A bientôt, my friends!