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Eat Local ChallengeHere we are at the end of the first week of September and I forgot to post about a special food event going on this month!  My brother-in-law, Jeff, is participating in this September’s Eat Local Challenge. The idea is to define what you mean by “local” (usually about a 100-mile radius) and then choose to eat foods that are primarily produced in that area. September is a great time to try this, as even northern climates have a bountiful harvest with plenty of variety.

The idea is to reduce the amount of waste and pollution that goes into transporting food to you. The farther a tomato has to travel, the more carbon dioxide goes into the air.

Of course, there are other ways to participate if a 100% local diet does not sound feasible (as I will probably not be able to do!).  One idea is to visit a local market once a week, or focus on making one local meal per week. Check out a related blog that challenges contributers to do just that, called One Local Summer. Yes, we are coming into this a little late, but it’s better that than never!

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  1. I love that concept, but unless they actually have some kind of marking or sticker that tells you it was grown close-by, I’d never know. I’m at least trying to pick veggies and fruit grown in France. That narrows it down some anyway.

  2. I know what you mean: I tend to pick the grown-in-France ones as well, but unless you buy the food directly from a farmer, it’s pretty difficult to figure out!

  3. cool Rachel!
    I’m so glad you posted this 🙂

    It’s starting to catch on here in the U.S. where some local food coops are putting “markers” on locally grown produce… but so far this summer I just go to the local farmer’s market (it’s actually every Wednesday, one block from where I work) and I buy about $10 of food… it’s enough to feed two peeps for one week!… and truck it home on my bike.

    I love it. It forces you to get real creative with food. The next step for me is to get into canning to try and eat local through the winter. Maybe that’ll be good for another blog down the road 🙂

    eat well… jeff

  4. Jeff, that’s great!

    Wow, I can’t believe the deals you’re getting at the farmer’s market, too. I wish I knew more about canning (we don’t have a freezer in our Barbie-sized fridge) because you can get a TON of vegetables and fruits at the end of the day at the market. The problem is that some of it is bound to rot before we can eat it, which is such a shame.

    I’m glad you told me about this program: even if I can’t follow it for every meal, it’s certainly on my mind when making food choices!

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