New York Football, Foliage, and Food

I am finally back from my busy trip to New York City. It was great being back and seeing friends, eating my favorite veggie burger at Quantum Leap, being on campus, and wandering around my old neighborhood.  I didn’t have time to do many social activities, but once the symposium I was helping organize was over, I had two days to relax and enjoy myself.

Park in Queens

Our friends Amanda and Jonathan hosted me at their apartment in Queens, which is close to a little neighborhood park along the river. We took their dog for a walk and enjoyed the fall leaves.

Leaves in Queens Park

Sunday afternoon they took me to my first ever professional football game: the New York Jets vs. the Washington Redskins. It was a close game, which made it interesting. I got a good fill of Americana, with all the flag saluting, pretzel eating, and cheerleading. We all had a good time and promise we didn’t take it as seriously as this picture of Jonathan would suggest:

Jonathan at Jets Game

Jets Game

The Jets were ahead almost the entire time, but in the last quarter fell behind. The score was tied, but they eventually lost the game in overtime.

A highlight of going to New York is always the food. I enjoyed some of the best Thai and Italian food last week, but one of the best dishes I had was Amanda’s mac and cheese. I have never been able to make this American classic, but think the bread crumbs, white sauce, and addition of Gruyère cheese is key.  Delicious!

Mac n?? Cheese

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