Still on Strike…

French Strike BBC Image
Chaos! Image from a BBC slideshow

As you may have heard, the nation-wide transportation strike continues. I haven’t been affected since I am writing from our apartment in the Latin Quarter, but Seth has had a 20-minute walk to the 1 line, which is the only one running at a semi-normal rate (1 train every 5 minutes). That is, apart from the 14 line, which is automatic and is running normally.

What creative solutions have people found to get to work? I have seen the following on my own little block:

~ a grown man about 50 years old on a kid’s scooter
~ twice the bikes I normally see
~ a rollerblader using a traffic lane, barreling downhill at about 25mph
~ cars lined up as far as the eye can see, blocking our intersection and causing more traffic (it took my neighbor 2.5 hours to get home from work last night)

Even the neighborhood grocery store was affected: because of road conditions, they stopped grocery delivery service.

Labor issues aside, I suppose this is excellent proof that public transportation systems make life easier, less crowded, and less polluted. Hope everything is back to normal by Monday, because the weather is now below freezing and it’s getting too cold to walk very far!

Check out RATP’s website for hourly updates on metro traffic. As of 9:15 this morning:

RATP traffic 9:15 Nov 16

The university students are on strike, too, and not to think we were anything special here in France, there is also a rail strike in Germany. The civil servants go on strike next Tuesday. ‘Tis the season!

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  1. haven’t noticed any difference in the food supplies here near our apartment thankfully. I haven’t tried to get anywhere on the metro, so no impact there. I’ve actually enjoyed the chilly temps for walking – helps so much to have that sunshine. now if it starts raining….. bleah.

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