Pledge to Buy Handmade

I Took The Handmade Pledge!

Are you ready to take the pledge?  I just pledged to buy handmade this holiday season.

Every year I think I’ll have the time and motivation to make everyone on my list handmade gifts. After finishing 1 1/2 pairs of mittens, I realize this was overly ambitious and I have to frantically find a dozen gifts on December 24th. But there is another way! With websites like Etsy and all sorts of craft markets during the season, I don’t need to overwhelm myself with actually making everything to still give a handmade gift.

Like the eat local challenge, pledging to buy handmade is a small gesture which can raise awareness about the Lose Weight Exercise of our consumer decisions. It’s not going to solve global warming, but at least it gets people like me to think about what and why I’m buying. Moreover, a handmade gift requires some thought and may just make us focus on what’s important about gift-giving: not the latest consumer fad, but a token of friendship and love that is unique and tailored to your loved one.

I would only add to my “buy handmade” pledge that I will also consider antique, used, and recycled gifts in this category. I’ve already had my eye on a couple of old books for some people on my list, which is still in the spirit of supporting the little guy, cutting back on chain store manufacturing, and keeping goods out of the landfill.

We’ll see if I can hold out and pull this off! Now back to knitting mittens…

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