Photo Advent Calendar

Photo Advent Calendar

Last night I made a Photo Advent Calendar with files I downloaded from Kodak.

The directions on the link are very easy: just download the pdf files, add photos, and print them out. I took the more tech-intensive route by opening the files in Adobe Illustrator (you could use Photoshop or most any other design software), dragging and resizing the photos I wanted to use. That way, instead of gluing individual photos down, I just print out the entire page. My layout looks like this:

Making Advent Calendar2

I’m going to either print them out to send, or just e-mail the files to my family members, who can then print them out themselves, though to actually assemble the calendar requires some extra effort, slicing the doors and windows with an Exacto knife.

For a more timeless and uniform look, I might transform all of the photos into black and white images. Next time.

3 thoughts on “Photo Advent Calendar

  1. I really love this idea! So nice and much better for the waistline than our Kinder Advent Calendar from the grocery store! 🙂

  2. I am so glad you like the photo advent calendar! I was hoping some people would be able to open the file in a tool and add their pictures there! I think it’s a great idea to email it to your family and have them assemble it!

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