Protesting in Paris: Much Ado…?

Policeman and Motorcycle
Do not pass go: the blocked Boulevard St. Michel

The rail workers’ strike seems to be dying down, but yesterday was a big day for the student protest of President Sarkozy’s proposed university reforms. Between stuffing- and pumpkin soup-related errands, I managed to catch some pictures of the preparations.

Riot Police Rue Monge
These riot police are ready on rue Monge, just around the corner from our apartment.

Police on the Quai
Police vehicles as far as the eye can see on the Quai St. Michel.

Canal Plus Reporting
Cable Station Canal Plus Reported from our local pub, the Bombardier, which hasn’t seen this much action since the Rugby World Cup. Notice the entire rue Mt. Sainte-Geneviève is filled with police vans.

Fenced Vans
The blockade continues behind the church of St. Etienne du Mont. That fence is attached to the front of the van. For what?

The big protest finally happened, and….

Protesters with Drums

I heard a couple drums, and a couple students randomly shouted things like “pouvoir d’achat!” (buying power!) and sort of harassed the policemen. But nothing too huge.

Gendarmes on guard on rue du Cardinal Lemoine.

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