Festival of Lights

Concorde Ferris WheelI know I promised mouth-watering latke photos today, but I have something perhaps even more exciting to share: a Parisian festival of lights! Seth still has the latke pics on his computer, so we’ll get to those, but we had so much fun during our impromptu tour of Paris lights I just had to post this first…

Yesterday at dusk I met Seth in front of his office (which is conveniently located on Place de la Concorde) and walked over to the huge Ferris wheel (grande roue, or “big wheel” in French). For the low price of just 8â?¬ a person (sarcasm), you can ride the Ferris wheel around about four times (that’s 2â?¬ per rotation…hmmm…).

But it is worth it! The 360-degree views were spectacular. I couldn’t look down, but looking out was wonderful. I highly recommend going once the sun is down. Had we been there just a little before 5pm instead of after, we would have caught the Eiffel Tower glittering (which happens every hour on the hour). We weren’t disappointed, though.

Concorde Ferris Wheel Below
The Ferris Wheel from Below

View from Concorde Ferris Wheel
The View from the Ferris Wheel: Eiffel Tower, Concorde Obelisk, and the Avenue des Champs-Elysées

Ferris Wheel Seth and Rachel
Note the Eiffel Tower in the background with its strange search light.

You’d think it’d be fun to operate a giant Ferris wheel, but apparently not:

Ferris Wheel Worker

We decided to walk all the way back home to the Latin Quarter, enjoying many lights on the way:

Christmas Lights near Madeleine
A festive street near the Madeleine church

Vendome Lights
Street decorations and the Place Vendôme

Vendome Chandeliers
Chandeliers lined the street leading from the Place Vendôme

Ice Skaters at Hotel de Ville
Watching the Ice Skaters in front of Hôtel de Ville

Notre Dame Christmas Tree
The Christmas Tree in front of Notre Dame

Once we got home, we lit the menorah (a gift from Seth’s parents), which I think looks very pretty:

Menorah Night 1

3 thoughts on “Festival of Lights

  1. Forget the latkes! I love the lights! Although I know I’ll love the potato-y goodness as well…

    The pictures are amazing! Sounds like a very romantic stroll…sometimes the impromptu tours are the best ones! Thanks for sharing…I hope you look at these pictures and have one of those moments where you think “Ahhhhhh…we live in PARIS!”

  2. Great picture of Seth in front of the ice skaters. It looks so pretty there…and wintery!

  3. Oh la la! It looks so picturesque and festive! It definitely is one of those moments when you take a step back and think to yourself, wow, we’re really living in Paris and this is one of the reason why I love it!

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