Beaded Snowflakes

Snowflakes in WindowHere’s a little project I’ve been doing for about 8 years, ever since I realized I was never going to use up all the beads I kept buying in college. Beaded snowflakes are a great way to experiment with colors while using up leftover beading materials you probably have laying around the house somewhere.

They’re quick, too, and a nice little hand-made token you can attach to a box of cookies or a Holiday card.

Seed beads
Slightly larger beads, of any shape
Metal wire
Ribbon, for hanging

Step 1: Cut 3 pieces of metal wire: 2 of these should be the same length, which will be the diameter of the finished snowflake plus an inch. Cut the third to be one inch longer than these two, to make the wire loop for hanging.

Snowflakes Materials

Step 2: Tie the three pieces of wire into a simple knot in the middle. Spread out the 6 “legs.”

Snowflakes Knot

Step 3: Begin stringing seed beads onto one “leg” of the snowflake. I added larger beads at regular intervals, for more detail and interest. When you reach 1/2 inch from the end, string on one final, larger bead and loop the remaining wire around it. This keeps all the beads in place. Repeat for other 5 legs. On the longer leg, string on the final bead and then make a loop with the remaining wire, for hanging.

Step 4: Cut a longer piece of wire (about 2 times the diameter of the snowflake) for the connecting parts. Wrap one end about 1 inch from the end of one leg. String on beads to desired length (make sure it’s long enough to have a bend in the center) and then wrap the wire once around the next leg. Continue until to each leg and when finished, wrap the end around

Snowflakes Beading

Step 5: Make a tie out of some ribbon and attach it through the wire loop. Now you have a hanging beaded snowflake!

Snowflake Finished

I made a bunch and hung them from this chandelier:

Snowflakes Hanging

2 thoughts on “Beaded Snowflakes

  1. It’s not too long of a project, actually, I made another one at a friend’s place last night and it probably only took about 45 minutes!

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