Mid-Project Madness

What’s this mess all about?

Embroidered Leaves Etc

These days, every surface seems to be covered in some sort of project. Cookie tins and edible makings are in a pile near the kitchen table, balls of yarn and needles on my nightstand, beaded snowflakes hanging in the kitchen, design magazines spread all over the dresser… So when I decided to start yet another DIY holiday project, this little basket bench was my last resort.

I went to a charity sale with a friend and they had some craft supplies: namely, the white felt leaves above. They are thicker than regular felt (I’d say about 3 times as thick), and more stiff. You could probably find this sturdy felt in a craft store and then cut out your own shapes (using a cookie cutter or other design). My first thought was to turn them into ornaments. But then I realized these are just the right size to make very festive coasters for my aunt. Red and white is my preferred, cheery color combination of the moment, so I’ve just taken some red embroidery floss (from my monogrammed dishcloths), and have made a simple stitched border around each one. It’s pretty plain but I kind of think it’s cute. Perhaps they could use a tad more embellishment, like little snowflake shapes or something to make each one different (there are 10 in all).

I’ve got plenty of polka-dot ribbon (from a bootee project gone awry) that could be incorporated in some way (or not), and those little cards are French vintage holiday greetings. More of those to come. It’s all a work in progress, as you can see, and I hope to have some finished product pictures up in the next couple of days, when really, most of them should be done.

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