Hot Chocolate Spoons

Chocolate Spoons Box

I am still aiming for a home-made Christmas, and who doesn’t enjoy sweet treats? Help your friends add a festive touch to a cozy cup of hot cocoa with a chocolate-dipped spoon. I made 30 of these spoons to give away to our friends in Paris, along with some good ol’ fashioned chocolate chip cookies. To the left are caramels from La Cure Gourmande.

What you need:
Disposable spoons (I considered using inexpensive metal ones, but didn’t know if the chocolate would stick, so I stuck with plastic.)
2 bars chocolate, the darker the better (in my opinion); I used 76% cocao organic chocolate bars from the grocery store)

What to do:
Break the chocolate up into chunks and put them in a non-stick sauce pan. I skipped the complicated procedures of using a bain marie (double boiler) and instead just melted the chocolate on the lowest heat setting.

1 Chocolate Spoons

When the chocolate starts to melt, be sure you are stirring fairly constantly to help all the chunks soften.

2 Chocolate Spoons

When the chocolate is melted, keep the heat on low and dip each spoon into the chocolate, using a twisting motion. I found it easiest to scoop the chocolate in the spoon and then twist the spoon around and around until the front and back were covered. Lay each spoon onto wax paper or a greased sheet of foil.

3 Chocolate Spoons

I had a lot of extra chocolate, so once the spoons were laid out, I spooned more chocolate into the scoop part of each spoon. Let the chocolate cool and harden, about one hour.

Ta da! The finished gift boxes:

4 Chocolate Spoons

5 Chocolate Spoons

One thought on “Hot Chocolate Spoons

  1. Thank you so much again! The cookies are “delicious”!!
    I didn’t try the chocolate spoons yet but will pretty soon!
    Have a very merry christmas!

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