Barcelona: Old Buildings

Barcelona is well-known for the architectural marvels by Gaudì, but I thought I’d share some photos of older buildings that make the city a multi-layered historical wonder. Of course, we went without a guidebook so I can’t tell you what all of these places are called, so if you’re familiar with them, feel free to share!

Barcelona Old Church 1
This church looked to be at least a few hundred years old. It reminded me of Spanish colonial architecture we saw in Mexico a couple years ago.

Barcelona Old Church 2

Barcelona Old Cathedral
This was a curious sight: What appears to be an old cathedral or monastery is missing an arched passageway that must have been there once upon a time.

Barcelona Old Cathedral 2
Carvings in Latin that used to be inside are now exposed to the street.

Barcelona Water Fountain
There are still many public fountains like this one throughout the old city.

Barcelona Steeple and Narrow Street
The steeple of the church of Santa Maria del Mar rises above this narrow street.

Barcelona Fountain Sisters
With my sister, Laura.

Barcelona Square
We liked this square lined with palm trees.

Barcelona Fountain Night
The fountain, lit up at night.

2 thoughts on “Barcelona: Old Buildings

  1. lovely. I love the Latin inscriptions and the fountain faces in particular. palm trees??? oh, I want to be there right now.

  2. Beautiful photos – I am so happy you were able to go!

    The only photo I know is the palm trees are in Plaça Reial.

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