Gaudi’s Barcelona

What’s a trip to Barcelona without a dozen or so pictures of the unusual architectural works by Antoni Gaudì? Here are some of my favorites:

Gaudi 1
The Casa MilĂ 

Gaudi 2 (Night)

The stained glass was especially beautiful at night…

Gaudi 3 (Night)

Gaudi Cathedral 1

I love how the Sagrada Familia Cathedral looks like a sand castle. It is slowly being covered in mosaics, so one day will be quite a festival of color.

Gaudi Cathedral 2

Gaudi Cathedral 3

Gaudi Cathedral 4

Gaudi Cathedral 5

Wikipedia has this cool list of Gaudi buildings if you want to see more.

3 thoughts on “Gaudi’s Barcelona

  1. The Gaudi buildings were a few of my favorite things in Barcelona! I’m so jealous you were just there…it’s my favorite trip ever! And you got to share it with you sister…fantastic!

  2. Your photos make me ache to go back… Sagrada Familia is so moving. I love that people are keeping Gaudi’s vision alive.

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