Barcelona Water & Graffiti

It’s a strange combination, I know, but there were a few other photos I wanted to share from Barcelona and there isn’t really anything tying them together!

Barcelona Marina

First, some photos of the marina. There’s a large floating walkway and pier that offers great views of the city.

Barcelona Fish

There were lots of visible fish out at dusk.

Barcelona Sunset

Sunset View…

Barcelona Pier & Walk

The second group of photos are some shots I took of graffiti we saw around the old city.

Barcelona Graffiti 1

Barcelona Graffiti 2

Barcelona Graffiti 3

These paintings of faces looked a little more deliberate than graffiti, but it’s still an interesting juxtaposition between the older building with its wrought-iron balcony, and contemporary artwork.

I think that’s it for our Barcelona travel photos! Happy weekend.

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