Skiing in the Alps: The View from the Top

We’re back from our trip to Valfréjus, and finally I have some pictures to share! I thought I’d start out with the view from the top of the slopes, accessible by a long gondola ride up about 1000 meters or so (I think?). It was a long trip up, but so pretty!

Ski Top 1
The view from the top, away from the main slopes.

Ski Top 2 Sun
The blazing sun was the best part.

Ski Top Cafe
The café at the top was a popular lunch spot. We ate outside on this terrace one day and enjoyed tartiflette. My favorite!

Cecilia Vin Chaud
Cécilia, enjoying some vin chaud (mulled wine)

Ski top Cafe Window
I loved the painted wood that decorated the café’s windows.

Ski Top Sunbathing
Who needs jackets? Sunbathing at the top.

Ski Top Seth iPhone
Seth even found iPhone reception at the top of the mountain.

Ski Top Gondola
This gondola side of the mountain was the side with the slopes.

Gondola Inside
The ride back down in the gondola. That’s all for today!

Oh, and check out Seth’s snowblogging post and video about blogging from the ski lift.

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