Warm Biscuit Fabrics: Cheerful Vintage

Fabric: Aqua Passion VineFabric: Aqua PrimroseGrandma Betty‚??s Aqua Rose

If you haven’t checked out Warm Biscuit‘s offerings in fabric, you’re missing out on a fun and nostalgic trip through color and design. I just love these happy patterns and am inspired to plot another try at quilting.

If you’re not in the mood to sew, however, Warm Biscuit also sells ready-to-love bedding, toys, and other gifts for children.

Fabric: Grandma Betty‚??s Pink Floral StripeFabric: Pink Passion FlowerFabric: Posy

P.S. I have many more ski photos to share, but have to find a place to which to transfer them from my camera – my hard-drive has seen skinnier days!

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