Skiing in the Alps: the Food!

You eat a lot of heavy food when you’re in the mountains. I guess all those extra calories help you with the hiking and the altitude! Here are some food highlights of our ski trip in Valfréjus.

The market:

Valfrejus Cheese Market
I bought a half-ton of cheese from this stand. It is still making our refrigerator smell like feet, but I just had to buy Reblochon for tartiflette, and try two other kinds I wasn’t familiar with. The free samples are what sold us on those.

Valfrejus Sausage Stand
This is where we stocked up on dried sausages for Seth. They may be contributing to the fridge odor as well…

Saucisson Plate
A plate of cut meats, to accompany the raclette we ate the first night we were in Valfréjus.

Fondu Preparations
Fondue night! Here’s the prep shot…

Fondu on the Table
Ready for dipping, on the table.

Fondu Seb

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