Notre-Dame du Charmaix: Alpine Chapel

Chapelle Charmaix Sign

Within walking distance from the slopes in Valfr√©jus sits a hidden chapel that’s been on this site for six centuries. The first construction of Notre-Dame du Charmaix was in 1401, built to house a Black Madonna, and although the chapel has been through many transformations, its essential character seems to remain timeless.

Chapelle Charmaix Path

Chapelle Charmaix View From Path
The view of the chapel from the path doesn’t look like much more than a covered bridge. The main chapel area is under the covered area and to the right.

Chapelle Charmaix Gated
The chapel is closed most of the time, especially now that the interior is being restored.

Chapelle Charmaix Inside
The view on the inside, with the black Virgin on the altar.

Chapelle Charmaix Black Virgin

Chapelle Charmaix Paintings
Many of the paintings inside were old. There were also embroidered works that were in recognition of an answered prayer. The one on the far right had a date on it from the 1880s.

Chapelle Charmaix Reconnaissance
Plaques on the outside are a slightly more contemporary recognition ritual. Many of these date from the first half of the twentieth century.

Chapelle Charmaix Rachel

Chapelle Charmaix Bridge Ravine

Chapelle Charmaix Entire View

Chapelle Charmaix Window

Chapelle Charmaix Tronc

This old-fashioned iron “tronc” is where you can drop coins and it goes into a large, secure area deep inside.¬† Don’t forget to leave a donation to the chapel on your way out!

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