Hyde Park Hideaway

Seth will be working from London until late June, coming “home” to Paris on weekends when I’m not with him here in London. This meant he needed a place to stay during the week. Fortunately (and with the help of his employer), he was able to find a serviced apartment that is only a 15 minute walk from work and just steps from Hyde Park.

Our street, Iverness Terrace, has houses of a similar style lining both sides, which makes it architecturally uniform and very pretty in white and ivory paint. It’s not the most quiet of streets in terms of traffic, but is fairly calm otherwise.

The apartment is a split-level studio, with the kitchen, couch, and dining table downstairs and the bed and bathroom upstairs. We’re used to living in small quarters, and this one, though probably the smallest we’ve lived in, is very well laid-out. The enormous window and balcony make it sunny and cheerful.

Don’t you love the molding?

Who needs a lot of space when you have acres of park just down the street? I’ve enjoyed my daily walk through Hyde Park, despite the occasional drizzle.

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