It’s starting to come together…

After a wonderful shower that completely spoiled us (which I will blog about soon!) and a trip to Ikea, we’re closing in on being ready for CraftyBaby’s arrival. We hope to be living proof that a young family of three can live in under 400 square feet!

Our “wall of Leksvik” includes: an armoire for all of Seth’s clothes, a changing table/chest for baby’s clothes & blankets (the changing table attachment is sitting on top of the armoire for now), and a bookshelf/cabinet for baby’s books and toys. My closet is built-in and to the right of the cupboard. The crib ?? a family heirloom that has been used for every generation since my maternal grandfather was born in 1920 ?? will be in the bedroom as well, which I’ll photograph as soon as it gets here. It’s being completely refinished and refitted with extra slats to conform to today’s safety standards.

So one room is done, and we’re just waiting on a couch and a rocking chair for room number 2!

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