My sisters, Monica and Laura, organized an outdoor co-ed baby shower for us on July 5th, while we were visiting family in Wisconsin. What a blast! It was a Mexican fiesta theme, which meant the most delicious home-made salsas, fajitas, burritos, and my favorite, guacamole. It was a great opportunity to see old friends from growing up, and to celebrate a growing family. Seth’s parents and sister, Renée even made it from Ohio, so we were particularly spoiled!

Monica made the flower arrangements.

My mom and aunt Barbie did a lot of prep work under Stella’s surveillance.

Laura was in charge of a lot of the food (like the fajitas, above), and made the delicious guacamole.

It was fun to have Granny’s Queen Ann chairs outside!

Monica organized a Name-That-Tune-style game where each song had the word “baby” in the title. She also had a stack of blank onesies and fabric pens so that guests could decorate one for the baby. Always thinking ahead, she got sizes from 3 to 18 months so that the baby will have hand-decorated mementos for over a year.

The finished product… (and a hand-made blanket crocheted by my aunt Marge Ann)

Oh my! Look at this! I’ll have to take some pictures and share some close-ups of the hand-made items. We are set for a while, and what a wonderful way to connect with our friends and family in the Midwest while getting ready for the baby.  We are fortunate to have such generous and talented friends. Come visit any time!

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  1. Hey, I just have to say I LOVE the boob man onesie!! I nursed Jonah until he was 23 months, and am happily nursing Micah. I never did get any Boob apparall for either kid, although since they would constantly nuzzle my chest you couldn’t have seen their clothes anyway…….lol 🙂

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