New England Weekend

A week ago, Seth and I spent a 3-day weekend exploring New England. We’ve driven around Connecticut and Massachussets before, but this time we stopped in some new places on a slow tour up the coast.

Friday was a business day: Seth and I headed to Framingham, MA, to meet some of his colleagues at Computer World Magazine, for the first time in person! They were fun and had some great suggestions of things to do in the area. We took their advice and went to the Elephant Walk Franco-Cambodian restaurant in Waltham for dinner. Because it was restaurant week, we were able to have the most delicious 4-course meal for just $33.08. The fusion of flavors was divine, and I have nothing but praise for this restaurant (there’s one in Boston, too).

When it was time to do some touristy exploring on Saturday, we took the old highway towards Boston and first stopped in Lexington, the “birthplace of liberty” and where the “shot heard round the world” was fired and started the Revolution (they still don’t know who fired it or from which side it came).

This church isn’t as old as the U.S. (it was built in the mid-19th century), but I thought it was pretty and typical of New England architecture.

The next stop was Cambridge, which neither Seth nor I had ever had the excuse to see before. It was cool to see the campus of the country’s oldest university. Once again, the steeple seemed to be the prettiest picture to take:

Seth and I had been to Boston before, but never in the touristy center on such a beautiful Saturday. The area around Faneuil Hall and Quincy Market was packed. There were plenty of street performers out for the crowds, but this one-man band was my favorite:

After a seafood lunch we headed to the harbor and decided at the last minute to jump onto a ferry that would take us to one of the harbor islands to see an old fort. The sky started to darken on the way over, but it cleared up once we got to George’s Island.

The view of Boston from one of the fort’s watchtowers:

Fort Warren was first built by the French and was last used in World War II. It never saw any battle, but was an important station to protect Boston in wartime. What was especially cool about the boat ride to and from George’s Island is that we went right by Logan Airport, and had planes flying right overhead. I just had to hold by breath when the smell of jet fuel got a little strong!

We ate shabu shabu for dinner in Boston’s Chinatown and headed back to our hotel to watch some Olympics and swim.

Our first stop on Sunday was Providence, RI, another city we’ve driven past many times but never really explored. The riverwalk was pleasant and definitely the highlight of our walking tour:

The last stop on Sunday was Mystic, CN, the old ship-building city with a cute mainstreet filled with shops and little caf├ęs. The bridge (built in the early 20th century) opens quite often, since nothing taller than a kayak will fit under it.

On the mainstreet, we checked out a pretty (expensive) baby boutique and then decided that the artisinal ice cream next door would be a more affordable treat. Seth and I split a mint-chocolate-chip cone and I liked the painting on the wall:

We headed back to the car and then back to the road. Taking a few more driving detours (especially to avoid some bad highway traffic), we got back to New York just in time to return our rental car. It was our last pre-baby trip, but we’re also excited to go back to show the baby all of these fun and historic places just a short drive away.

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  1. Ah, the memories… I used to go to George’s Island as a kid with my family and on school field trips. Sounds like you guys had a lovely trip!

  2. It looks like you had a good last pre-baby trip! You look so lovely with your bump!

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