Nursery Art for Baby

I am in love with some of the artwork on, but we have a huge blank wall to cover and forgot to include art in the baby budget. Plus, I have a very specific idea of the style for the nursery baby corner and couldn’t find just exactly the right thing. So I dug out my trusty colored pencils and watercolors, bought some frames (which include mats!) at a discount store, and am in the process of making four drawings. The idea was to find classic, simple, and colorful themes that will not scream “baby” but will coordinate with our adult bedroom furniture.

I’ve had my sights on a vintage hot air balloon theme for a while, so I tackled that drawing first. I used colored pencils for the balloon and then ever-so-carefully painted the sky with watercolors. I’m pretty pleased with the result:

And for my next trick, I’m thinking about drawing a biplane, a kite, or an Eiffel Tower. But first, I have some dissertation work I need to get done today!

3 thoughts on “Nursery Art for Baby

  1. You are so creative and talented! I love the hot air balloon and can’t wait to see the others. Good luck on your dissertation work!

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