September 17

September 17 has been the magical due date we’ve been talking about for months. But now it looks like the day will come and go without seeing the baby on this side of the womb! It was still an exciting day at the doctor’s, though. We got to see some new close-ups. Can you make out Baby J’s expressions?

Snoozing away. I guess this explains why he’s running late?

Oh wait! He’s awake! I think he’s having a good time in there; is that a smile?

Hand-Made Gifts

We have received some beautiful hand-made gifts from friends and family. I just had to share some of these!

First, this darling little gnome that my sister, Monica made (she also made the “J” memory box):

Monica used these instructions from Craftster user Julieko to make this toy. She used all recycled materials: the towel and felt were scraps she had on-hand.

Our friend Bess made us some cute burp cloths and a bib, both using vintage fabrics. I love, love, love the style!

The terrycloth backing is complete with a personalized label:

Bess’s work always looks so amazinging and professional! The accompanying card was embroidered and says “bébé.” So cute.

One of my mom’s friends made this retro cowboy picture frame. It’s proudly on display next to the cowboy boots my dad got for Baby J:

The “Paris” bear on the left was Seth’s first gift to the baby.

Finally, this diaper bag isn’t hand-made, but I wanted to include a picture of it (and that French “Welcome Baby” bag from Fragonard in Paris). My mom got it for me, along with a matching laptop case. Can’t forget that I’ll need to have baby stuff and dissertation stuff with me!

Baby J’s Jacket

I finished the baby’s jacket this Labor Day weekend. Whew! The pattern is free and available from the Exercise Before Knitting site. Even though for once in my life I actually checked the gauge, it’s a bit bigger than I thought it would be (and required SEVEN skeins of yarn instead of the four I planned to use), but that just means that it will last for months!

It’s hooded for chilly days:

The yarn is a cashmere and wool blend called Cashsoft Aran, made by Rowan yarns. Because the jacket is knit in a thick seed stitch, it required more yarn than I thought, but the resulting warmth is worth it!

A size comparison:

The sweater on the left is the Debbie Bliss design I finished last month (size 3 months).

I think Baby J will be cute in his preppy little hooded peacoat!