Baby J’s Jacket

I finished the baby’s jacket this Labor Day weekend. Whew! The pattern is free and available from the Exercise Before Knitting site. Even though for once in my life I actually checked the gauge, it’s a bit bigger than I thought it would be (and required SEVEN skeins of yarn instead of the four I planned to use), but that just means that it will last for months!

It’s hooded for chilly days:

The yarn is a cashmere and wool blend called Cashsoft Aran, made by Rowan yarns. Because the jacket is knit in a thick seed stitch, it required more yarn than I thought, but the resulting warmth is worth it!

A size comparison:

The sweater on the left is the Debbie Bliss design I finished last month (size 3 months).

I think Baby J will be cute in his preppy little hooded peacoat!

11 thoughts on “Baby J’s Jacket

  1. Try to make sure the small dude doesn’t barf too much on these so my kids can get them as hand-me-downs someday because, sadly, I’m not this talented. 😛

  2. I’m so impressed! I love them both but the latest one is just too cute. You’re so talented.

  3. that is really cute, i love it! I knit a little, but I am not organized or dextrous enough to get really good at it. I have done a couple scarves, but I feel that if I can barely keep track of knit and purl rows (when i started my first scarf I think i literally had to start over 20 times), then anything besides that might be a little beyond me. Maybe when I have more time! Congrats on that sweet little jacket.

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  5. where are the instructions?You give the yarn and measurements for the ssed stitch baby sweater but no exact instructions. I would appreciate some explicit instructions.
    Thank you. It’s an adorable and practical sweater.

  6. Hi Celia, thank you for your comment! Elinor Brown’s beautiful pattern is linked in the first sentence of this post. When I wrote it five years ago, her blog was called Exercise Before Knitting. The original link still works, though. Here it is again: If you decide to make it, be sure to check it out and share on Ravelry, where there are many other ideas for yarns and colors.

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