Sweet Pea

Happy Halloween!

Jax looked a little surprised in his new outfit, but once we took a neighborhood tour, he loved the lights and movement. Halloween is one of the busiest nights on Bleecker Street.

So busy he eventually fell asleep when we got to Washington Square Park.

He was everybody’s favorite costume. Some of our favorite comments: “Oh! Sweet Pea!” “Look at the cute baby!” and my favorite: “Is that a real baby?”

Nursery Art

My original plan to have a series of four simple, classic travel-themed drawings for the nursery corner has been pared down to two. I have a new respect and admiration for children’s books illustrators: creating artwork for children that doesn’t look like it was drawn by children is a challenge! My attempts at drawing kites were embarrassing. Until Jax makes his own art to put on display, these two will have to do.

On the other hand, I’ve found a new use for the delightful illustrations in the book of nursery rhymes in French that I found in Paris a year and a half ago: I pulled out the rusty staples, separated the pages, and framed four of my favorites.

5 Weeks Old Today

Lots of eye contact and laughing now. The hair is getting longer, but still prefers to grow straight up!

It’s blurry, but the only smiling picture I could catch. Baby laughs are the happiest sounds!

Find of All Finds

We have found some awesome chairs, bookshelves, and even a cute hamper on New York City streets (we never pick up anything upholstered, for fear of germs and bedbugs!). But this is a whole new ballgame. Can you believe that someone was throwing away this china cabinet? It’s now safe in our apartment!

It’s soon to be filled with more glasses, plates, and teacups.

Oh, and the pumpkin is for Jax’s first Halloween. Pictures to follow!

One Month Old

…and look what I can do!

Now that we have a pump, Seth can feed his hungry baby:

Jacob does a lot of smiling and giggling now:

This new winter outfit from France has been quite handy on our outings!

A family photo on Jacob’s 1-month birthday:

Baby’s first train ride! We went to Westchester County from Grand Central to see friends and beautiful fall foliage. He slept through most of it, but his parents were excited.

A photo from this morning. He’s growing fast:

Three Weeks (Already!)

This was a week of many firsts.

The first time Jacob wore a collared shirt:

First bath in the tub:

The first time Jacob wore pants and shoes (with room to grow):

To take his first walk down the West Side Highway:

To Battery Park:

Where we played on the lawn:



And then relaxed by the harbor:

Two Weeks Old

Two weeks ago today, September 24:

First day home, September 26:

September 28:

First Doctor’s Visit, September 29:

October 2:

I see a belly button! Umbilical Cord falls off, October 3:

October 4:

October 5: