Celebrating a 2-month birthday in Vancouver

We have been enjoying Vancouver – it’s a fun and beautiful city, and this afternoon we’re heading for the mountains at Whistler for a ski weekend. Jax has a brand new snowsuit for the occasion, which makes an appearance at the end of the slideshow. Even though today is not Canadian Thanksgiving, we’re bringing pumpkin pie for the holiday. and hot chocolate. and popcorn. and wine. Can’t wait!

Here’s a link to the better resolution version of the slideshow. (Great for throwing on your iPods and iPhones family!)

8 Weeks

It’s been an eventful couple of weeks. Our little Jax now weighs 11 pounds 12 ounces and is 24 inches long. That puts him in the 57th percentile for Lose Weight Exercise and the 90th for length! We were all surprised at those stats:

[It’s hot in our radiator-heated pre-war apartment; shirtless babies are a common sight.]

This little climber likes to push himself onto his feet and “walk” with one foot in front of the other. It’s easier when he can climb onto Daddy’s chest.

The hairdo? We call it the Shark Fin.

He spent the morning of his 8-week birthday at the doctor’s, after which he mostly just wanted to do this:

But that evening he woke up to videochat with Grandma Barb:

and Grandpa Chuck:

Last week we finally got Jacob’s passport, but taking the photo for it was an event unto itself. Here are the outtakes from our photo session November 4:

As you can see, he couldn’t stop looking at Daddy, and the smiles just got bigger and bigger! I guess he didn’t get the memo about how you have to look serious in passport photos now. In any case, Seth’s visible hand probably wouldn’t have gone over well with the State Department. But Jax had his airplane outfit on! How could anyone resist?

It turns out it was too soon to get the passport anyway (you have to go in person within 2 weeks of departure), so we got a chance at take 2 on November 9:

The trick was to take the photo from above him while he was laying on a white sheet. My finger is still in the shot, and it’s overexposed, but the clerk at the Passport Agency let it pass. Whew! Not that he will look like this anymore in even a month’s time…

We had lots of visitors recently, too. I hosted craft night, which was especially fun because former Craftnight NYC and now Craftnight Paris member Lily was in town.

Lily and Laurie

Laurie crafted an awesome mask for a masquerade wedding she was going to that weekend. Lily made her a matching feather “necklace”:

Late that evening Aunt Monica arrived from St. Paul, bearing awesome hand-made gifts, including this beautiful blanket:

and hat:

Monica was in town for a perfect autumn weekend.

A walk in Union Square provided many photo op’s.

Let’s pose by the trash can.

I’ll leave you with my favorite shots from week 8:

Chunky legs!

Featured Blogger

Each morning after eating his breakfast, Jax hangs out with Daddy while I take a shower or grab some coffee from the café downstairs, which I did this morning. (It was a late and long night, and caffeine was more important than clean hair.) He usually helps him write a couple of blog posts, but this morning he is actually the main feature!

Check him out using Google’s new speech recognition application for the iPhone:

Click for the article on 9to5mac.

Baby Mittens

Easiest, quickest project ever. I made up this pattern as I went along, using seed stitch for warmth. Of course, you can use any stitch pattern or just simply stockinette.

Seed-Stitch Baby Mittens

Four size 3 double pointed needles
25 grams worsted Lose Weight Exercise yarn; I used Rowan’s Cashsoft Aran yarn (a wool, microfiber, and cashmere blend)

What to do:
Cast on 24 stitches and divide over 3 needles.
Rows 1-8: knit 2, purl 2
Row 9: work 11 stitches in seed stitch pattern (knit 1, purl 1), increase 1, pattern 2 sts, increase 1, pattern 11 stitches
Rows 10-32: work in seed stitch pattern
Row 33: knit 1, *decrease 1, pattern 3*, repeat between * to the end of the row.
Row 34: purl 1, *decrease 1, pattern 3*, repeat between * to the end of the row.
Row 35: knit 1, *decrease 1, pattern 2*, repeat between * to the end of the row.
Row 36: purl 1, decrease 1, *pattern 1, decrease 1*, repeat between * to the end of the row.
Row 37: knit 1, decrease 1, *pattern 1, decrease 1*, repeat between * to the end of the row.
Cut yarn leaving a 6-inch tail to loop through the remaining 6 stitches. Pull tight to cinch shut and weave remaining yarn into the inside of the mitten to secure.


Boat Button Baby Sweater

My last project before Jax was born was this nautical sweater. The size is around 6-9 months, filling the gap between the blue- and white- striped sweater I made (size 3 months, which fits him now) and his jacket (size 9-12 months).

Before getting to the details, take a look at the adorable “mon trésor” bib my friend Julie made! I love its classic style. We are both fans of all things antique and “French country” and her gifts are always on target (she also gave us the “Chut…Bébé dort” hanging cushion to the right of the bib ?? translation: “Shhh… Baby’s sleeping”).

I had planned to make a sweater vest out of the navy Debbie Bliss Cashmerino yarn I picked up in London, but we found a vest on sale so it didn’t seem worth the time. I only had two skeins of the navy, but plenty of ivory, so I went for stripes. When I got to the end of the project, only 18 inches of navy yarn was left. What luck perfect planning!

The pattern is free and available here. The only adjustment I made was knitting it in stockinette. I love, love that it is knit without any seams and on circular and double-pointed needles. It was quick and I’d definitely use it again.

The buttons are from a craft fair Julie and I went to in Paris. A silver version is for sale here,

6 Weeks

A six-week birthday at an historic moment! But Jax slept through most of the post-election analysis today…


Now I guess I’m up…

…and dressed in corduroys for an outing!

We searched the neighborhood for a copy of the Times to save for his scrapbook, but the newsstands were out of papers. Oh well, we entertained ourselves in the bouncy seat while listening to the news on the radio and reading it online. If anyone has a copy they’d be willing to give up, please let us know!