Two years ago was one of the most fun, beautiful, and meaningful days of my life. I love that we are back in Florida to celebrate our anniversary. A lot has changed in our lives: we moved back from Paris and now have a 3-month old baby. But time seems to have stood still here: there are still reminants of our wedding all over the Florida house, from pink rattan fans and favor boxes to glass vases and colorful votives. Being with family over the holidays was a reminder of the best part of the day, though ‚?? being together. We’re going to mark the day by touring Jax around Sarasota, the city in which we were married, after a morning trip to the Gulf beach.


The family: Corey, Laura, Mom, Dad, Stella, Jeff, Monica, Seth, Jax, & Me

The Fabulous Florida Christmas Tree

Monica made us knit hats (and matching decorative flowers)

Seth got a special stocking this year.

This kid gets it all: we celebrated Hanukkah, too.

Christmas day at the beach with a snowman…

and sisters.

First family photos in Florida

On Sunday we had a photo shoot with the amazingly talented Jason Angelini. He photographed our wedding two years ago and we knew his photos of Jacob would be awesome. You’ve got to see these!

I’ve got a lot of correspondance to catch up on, so if you’re waiting to hear back from me, I promise to get in touch later this week. Merry Christmas!

12 Weeks!

We arrived in Redington Beach, Florida yesterday, so we headed straight for the beach this afternoon after picking up the all-important sunblock. We’re having a great time and will share more photos of our holiday adventures!

First we picked up some Florida oranges at the Citrus stand.

Then on to the Gulf!

Seth dipped Jax ever so slightly into the water, but he made it immediately clear he was not into it.

Plenty to do at the house, too:

Visit with the Ohio Fam

We’ve been spending some time in Ohio this week with the Ohio family. Passing around Jax like a hot potato means I have some time to share some photos on the blog!

Grandpa Ron

Uncle Jared

Aunt Renée


Reaching out for Tyler, who has mostly avoided this smallest of humans.

…and even some time to play with Daddy!

Our tall and slender 11-week-old

We went to our 3-month check-up on Tuesday, since we’ll be out of town for Jacob’s “real” 3-month birthday. Here are the stats:

Age: 2 months 15 days
Height: 25 inches (63.5 cm) ‚?? 93 %
Weight: 12 lb 14 oz (5.9 kg) ‚?? 59 %
Head Circumference: 41 cm ‚?? 59 %

This weekend we’re heading to Ohio to visit Grandma Carol, Grandpa Ron, Aunt Renee, and Uncle Jared. It’ll be a shorter flight than our last cross-country trip, so I think we’ll be fine. After our visit there, we’ll spend some time at the Florida house with (hopefully) some warm weather!

Some highlights of the 11th week:

December 4

The toy bears have been the biggest hit these days:

December 4

We watched the first half of the USC football game against their rival, UCLA. My parents both went to UCLA, but I don’t think there’s any chance they could ever sneak a Bruins outfit on their grandson!

December 6 – matching USC gear (#32, to celebrate OJ’s recent media appearance, haha)

December 7 – First snow flurries in New York

December 7 ‚?? A Sunday stroll through the Union Square holiday market

December 8

11-Week Birthday

December 10 action shot

December 11 ‚?? Tummy Time

December 11 ‚?? This may look uncomfortable, but Jax’s favorite position is to have his head back at 90 degrees. He also loves to be held, and so I’m getting better at doing many tasks with just one hand!

Vancouver & Whistler

For many more pics of our Vancouver trip, check out this slide show in an earlier post. Below is an overview of some of the highlights of baby’s first trip abroad (with the photos I have on my computer for the moment).

~Planes & Trains~

Like all good public-transportation-loving New Yorkers, we began our trek to Vancouver on the A train, where Seth lugged a suitcase and stroller bag while I carried Jax and the diaper bag. The train was packed with rush-hour traffic, but I found a seat next to a talkative woman traveling with her granddaughter. She told me she had 12 grandchildren and one great-grandchild and had lots of parenting advice:

“Don’t cut his hair for a year.”

When you become a parent, everybody has something to say about what you should be doing with your kid. Why doesn’t anyone ever give me advice about what to do with my hair? Because that would be helpful!

At check-in, we sorted out our seats and meal issues: Seth had somehow ended up with the “baby food” meal selection, which everyone agreed wouldn’t be too tasty. We got our most precious parcel labeled and ready to go:

and then boarded the plane after a couple hiccups. {Apparently for international travel you have to buy an “infant ticket” at the ticket counter, even though the ticket counter gave us an infant boarding pass. Seth went back to buy one, forgetting his boarding pass, so I had to leave all our stuff at the gate and go back to ticketing with Jax to give it to him. Two trips through security with a baby. Joy.}

Just being in the plane before take-off made our little one drowsy:

I guess he takes after Seth, who always, always falls asleep during take-off. As many of you know, he has his pilot’s license, and although I’ve never flown with him, he assures me that he does not doze off on take-off when he’s behind the wheel. Hmmm.

Once we were safely in the air we put Jax in the empty seat between us. The flight was maybe 1/3 full, which was awesome for our first plane trip with baby.

That’s a baby seat belt they gave us. Not sure how effective it would be during turbulence, but we held him during rough patches anyway.

~Vancouver Photo Shoot~

I was amazed with the natural beauty in British Columbia. The mountains were misty and steep against the water, which reminded me of the South China Sea. The view from Laura and Corey’s apartment was surrounded by snow-covered mountains. On a drive through Stanley Park we took in some views of the water from a very well-lit parking space. We just had to snap a bunch of pictures:

~Thanksgiving in Whistler~

We weren’t expecting to have a traditional Thanksgiving meal, especially since we were spending Thursday-Saturday in Whistler. But Laura, Corey, and Seth went out to the village grocery store and found all the fixings.

Awkward family pose…

While Seth, Laura, and Corey did this:

Laura is the skier in the white jacket moving at what I’d call a “careful” pace.

Jax and I walked around Whistler Village and hung out at a funky café.

Turkey Day leftovers were a delicious warm-up once everyone was back from the slopes.

On Saturday Seth forewent the snowboarding and we three walked around the village.

Love ’em or not, Starbucks had an awesome wreath:

~and back in Vancouver~

Laura and Corey have this cool peppermint tea Corey got in Vietnam. A little green ball “bloomed” into this:

On our last day in Vancouver we walked to Gastown, home of the steam-powered clock:

It was a really hip neighborhood, somewhat reminiscent of SoHo, but with a more small-town feel that was awesome. We found some authentic Mexican food (something Laura hadn’t been able to find since moving from California) and danced the afternoon away:

Walking along the waterfront provided some photo ops:

…and I saw a bald eagle for the first time in the wild.

We loved British Columbia and will definitely return before too long!

Holiday projects even the busiest can do

A massive Vancouver/Whistler post is in the works.¬† In the mean time, a moment for holiday crafts: I’ve now crossed the Cheeky Magpie blog twice, and so I finally subscribed and am glad I did! There are some awesome templates on the site, which are available to download for free.

We’ll spend Christmas in Florida with minimal decorations, so I’m thinking about recycling some pretty papers and making some of these for decorations:


A cute sleigh!

Can’t you just see the sleigh used as place cards for a holiday meal? A color printer, some digital photos, and some scissors are all you would need to make a fun place card for each of your family members.

10 Weeks Old

I had this idea of having Jax pose in front of our hanging French calendar each week. We’ll see if I can continue to manage a growing baby and a camera!

This week we’ve been enjoying the cowboy boots from Grandpa Chuck.

Jax has been doing a great job of exploring his fingers and hands. He got a bit drool-y yesterday because of this, so he wore a bib for the first time.

A present came in the mail from friends Matt and Cate in DC.

One of the wonderful gifts was this cool toy. Here Jax and Elephant are getting introduced.

[*I* actually received a gift as well – a certificate for a trip to the spa!]

This morning involved a lot of lounging in a onesie that will soon have to be put away. I can’t believe he’s already outgrown his 0-3 month clothes.

We got bundled up to go to the MoMA design store in SoHo. Aunt Monica’s hat kept Jax warm.

There he got a 10-week birthday present. It’s a book for babies with high-contrast images relating to the story of Santa Claus.

At dinner we put Jax in his bouncy seat, as we usually do until he gets fussy and must be held, but today we attached the toy bears to the seat. Our little 10-week-old is already taking punches at the them! We weren’t expecting¬† that developmental milestone to be here yet, but were excited to catch on film his first time playing with a toy. YouTube is not cooperating for the moment, but I’ll post the video as soon as it is up!