10 Weeks Old

I had this idea of having Jax pose in front of our hanging French calendar each week. We’ll see if I can continue to manage a growing baby and a camera!

This week we’ve been enjoying the cowboy boots from Grandpa Chuck.

Jax has been doing a great job of exploring his fingers and hands. He got a bit drool-y yesterday because of this, so he wore a bib for the first time.

A present came in the mail from friends Matt and Cate in DC.

One of the wonderful gifts was this cool toy. Here Jax and Elephant are getting introduced.

[*I* actually received a gift as well – a certificate for a trip to the spa!]

This morning involved a lot of lounging in a onesie that will soon have to be put away. I can’t believe he’s already outgrown his 0-3 month clothes.

We got bundled up to go to the MoMA design store in SoHo. Aunt Monica’s hat kept Jax warm.

There he got a 10-week birthday present. It’s a book for babies with high-contrast images relating to the story of Santa Claus.

At dinner we put Jax in his bouncy seat, as we usually do until he gets fussy and must be held, but today we attached the toy bears to the seat. Our little 10-week-old is already taking punches at the them! We weren’t expecting¬† that developmental milestone to be here yet, but were excited to catch on film his first time playing with a toy. YouTube is not cooperating for the moment, but I’ll post the video as soon as it is up!

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  1. I love those cowboy boots. My favorite photo is the one of him asleep with the hat and sweater.

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