Musical Memories

Two and a half years ago, my sisters and I put together a family songbook for our parents’ 30th wedding anniversary. This year, I printed a second edition with some added lullabies (and photos of the newest member of the family, of course). I also got my hands on the scanned images of some classic family music photos. I’m sharing them with you today:

Left to right: my dad, Uncle Bob, Aunt Marge Ann, and Aunt Barbie

Grandpa threatens to cut my dad’s hair.

Aunt Barbie playing piano.

Mom, Dad, and little old me!

My dad and my sister, Monica, in front of our apartment in L.A.

2 thoughts on “Musical Memories

  1. I love all of these! Feel free to send them my way….. hint hint 😛 I don’t seem to have many electronic copies of things like this, especially after my old trusty G4 gave up on life.

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