16 Weeks


Sixteen weeks do not equal four months, as we found out yesterday at the peditrician’s office. We’ll go back in two weeks for Jax’s 4-month “calendar” birthday, and for his second round of shots. In the mean time, here are some exciting stats!

Age: 3 months, 19 days
Height: 25 inches (63.5 cm) ‚?? 66th percentile. This measurement is the same as five weeks ago…I think the height measuring is imperfect because Jax’s 6-month clothes barely fit anymore, and look at how much he gained in Lose Weight Exercise!
Weight: 14 lb 10 oz (6.6 kg) ‚?? 57th percentile ‚?? almost 2 pounds in a month.
Head circumference: 43 cm ‚?? 78th percentile. Quite the noggin… But not shocking in this family; we can never find hats big enough to fit.

Yesterday we had a wonderful surprise in the mail: a new year’s package from my first French host family and these beautiful knit socks made by my French host mom, Josiane! Josiane, si tu me lis en ce moment, je te remercie mille fois! Nous sommes vraiment touch√©s. Tu es vraiment dou√©e en tricot!



Aren’t they adorable? They make me feel like we should take another ski vacation. Here’s a picture of Josiane and me, from our friend C√©cilia’s surprise birthday party last May 3rd.


Yesterday we also received the new portacrib mattress: 100% organic, thick and comfy, and made in the USA.  It costs more than the crib itself, but Grandma Barb thinks this babe is worth it. Thanks, Mom!



So, 16 weeks old, and the hair is longer than ever. But there is an abundance of smiles and expression, too:






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