Weekend Projects: Writing and a new site

This weekend was all about writing a paper for a workshop taking place in 2 weeks. The final paper is for a big-deal conference I’m going to in July which will be important for me academically, but will also be a chance to take the fam on a little European tour.

In the midst of my writing and breaks to play with a certain someone, this afternoon my mom told me that the woman who was renting the family house in Florida had fallen gravely ill and had returned home. We are now looking for people to go keep the beach house company, and rather than email a ton of pictures, we decided to create a little site to refer people to. So with dns registration and blogging skills in hand, Seth and I threw this thing together in under an hour. It was a fun break from my other projects.


Voila! The Brown’s Bay Bungalow site is up and running.

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