Snapshots from this week


In-laws can be the best: to start off my second week of work, I was surprised with a dozen roses from Seth’s parents. Thank you so much, Ron and Carol. It’s been a difficult transition and it means a lot to have encouragement! I meant to post this photo earlier…these came two weeks ago and lasted until yesterday. I loved them.

I think there is a universal gut-reaction that mothers have to noise: Noise=good. When everyone is suddenly silent, I get suspicious. Are Seth and Jax plotting a big mess? Are they doing something dangerous they don’t want me to know about? Is he hanging upside down? Chewing on his dirty toes? On Sunday afternoon I had one such suspicion. The silence was just too loud so I had to see what was up. I found this:


I suppose resting up was a good idea, since we went to see friends Jon and Amanda for the most amazing spinach dip and enchiladas! the Super Bowl. We got home at 11:30pm and we wonder why Jax can’t figure out when bedtime is.

On Tuesday, we had another beautiful snow storm:



So once I came home from work we stayed inside and played. Tuesday is a short teaching day, so I was home by 11am. Fun!





Yesterday I just had to take some photos of Jax in his favorite sleeping position: head straight back at 90 degrees.





Then another surprise came yesterday in the mail. I guess Jax won’t have to search for the perfect outfit on February 14th:


Thanks again to the gang in Akron! Clearly Mommy’s not the only one that is loved.

18-19th Week

Happy weekend!

I’m going to try something new this time: a gallery post where you’ll see rows of thumbnails you can click on, if you’d like to see larger versions of the photos. I don’t have the whole thing down yet, but thought this could be a quick way to share lots of photos at once.

...with the support of his arms