6 months


Half a year, 182.5 days… I can’t believe our little Jax is already 6 months old!

He and I went to the doctor today after teaching this morning. Today’s stats:
Height: 27.3 inches (44.5 cm) ~ 79th percentile
Weight: 17 lb 4 oz (7.8 kilos) ~ 49th percentile

So he’s still taller than he is chubby, although his thighs and cheeks are filling out. Still no teeth, but the experience eating solids with a spoon is getting easier.

Today I’m going to limit myself to sharing the photos I took today on the occasion of Jacob’s 6-month birthday. I have a few more projects to catch up on this week (two of which involve sending things to Europe – hi Abby! hi Corey and Lily!)…oh, and I’m getting a 500 gig hard drive on Friday to organize my photos and music. My DVD drive and burner is having major issues… and it’s not like I’m going to stop taking 347 pictures/day anytime soon. Also on my plate this week are some applications for jobs and funding and a bunch of grading… Can I take another spring break, please?

Voilà! Here are my favorites from this afternoon, before the bed was engulfed in essays and textbooks.















and the award goes to…

Seth! I’m so proud! Yesterday Seth won a Neal Award for his Computerworld blog, Apple Ink for the second year in a row. The Neal Award is given by American Business Media, and Seth’s blog won over CIO magazine and CNet. It’s pretty exciting.


From ABM:

The Jesse H. Neal Awards, which have been called ‚??the Pulitzer Prize of the business media,‚?Ě are the industry‚??s most prestigious and sought-after editorial honors. Named after ABM’s first managing director, who remained active in promoting the business¬†media throughout his life, the Neal Awards were established in 1955 to recognize and reward editorial excellence in business media publications. Past Neal winners and finalists have tackled controversial topics including corruption, kickbacks and political conflicts of interest.

Happy Birthday, Barbie

1959barbiemedium1It’s Barbie’s 50th birthday today! Growing up with two sisters you can imagine the mess of Barbie accessories and doll parts that scattered our basement.

I remember one of my family’s *real* Barbies (we have three, in this case, my aunt) taking me to a toy store for my 4th or 5th birthday and I got to pick out my first Barbie. She had a sparkly, shiny dress and a matching shiny boa. The doll was snazzily dressed, too.

We didn’t have a Ken doll but my sister Monica somehow ended up with a Michael Jackson one ‚?? complete with the lone sparkly glove and Thriller-era hair molded into his head ‚?? so he had to date all the Barbies. No dream house for us, but an upside-down chair was mansion enough for me.

My all-time favorite Barbie memory, though, is one that Monica reminded me of a couple weeks ago. In her words:

When Rachel, Laura and I were little, we had the Wheel of Fortune home game. When we would finish the game we would always do the showcase part, where the winning contestant bought things from the show room. We would pull the head off of a Barbie doll and float it around saying things like, “I’ll take the couch and the refrigerator, Pat.”

Now, I couldn’t end this post without some gratuitous photos from the fabulous 1980s, could I? Behold:


Dad’s Ph.D. graduation in 1984.


The Big Rock, in our front yard when we lived on Long Island.


1986. Me: 2nd grade, Monica: kindergarden, Laura: 3 years old.


The Christmas of the Cabbage Patch Doll.


A Florida Christmas in 1988 (correct me if I’m wrong?).
I think the pink socks really dress up those moccasins.


I hear feathered bangs are back in style. What about jogging suits with pastel hearts?

Visiting with Grandparents


Grandma Carol and Grandpa Ron are in town this weekend. We’ve been having a nice time eating out, hanging out, and gushing over the cute things Jax does.

Today we spent the afternoon in Central Park.

Set for a sunny, 65-degree day.

But first we had some lunch and some cool presents.


…including baby’s first Converse:



We walked past the Met on the way to the park.


After entering, we looked at our own feet for a while and then checked out the park renovations.


We’re thinking about moving in if we don’t start having better luck in our house hunt.


Snow Day

The city schools were canceled today for the first time in five years. The university stayed open, however, much to the dismay of my students.

Here is the view as it was this morning at 8:


I think we’ve gotten another 6 inches or so since!