Hand-made quilt from Arthur & Janene

I blogged about this a while ago, but I’ve finally got more pictures to share. Our wonderful friend Janene made this beautiful quilt by hand! It was such a wonderful surprise. She knows how much I love a hand-made gift, and I hope she knows how much we appreciate the time she took to create such a special heirloom. The colors are bold and fun and such a happy mix of oranges and reds that we love. Jax loves to play on it and tug at the stripes.




Look at that edge! I love how the border is pieced together to match the big stripe.


Janene even used organic cotton batting for this blanket. So thoughtful.

Action Shots:


Grabbing for the stripes…He usually tries to pick them up.



Thank you so much, Arthur and Janene! I will finally get your thank-you card to you once this semester is over. My tardiness doesn’t at all reflect how much we’re enjoying the blanket!

7 Months


Good morning! Guess who’s 7 months old?

The momentous event of this 7th month: a tooth! Last Tuesday we saw the first little slivers of the bottom left tooth, and now, a week and a half later, Jax is biting everything in sight. We think bottom tooth #2 may be on it’s way out too.

Yesterday after my class and meetings with students were over around 11:30, Seth and Jax met me at my office and we took an impromptu stroll along the West Side Highway (our favorite go-to spot in nice weather). Our now 7-month old can ride in the baby carrier in Seth’s back, so we didn’t even need a stroller and Seth had no trouble carrying him.

Swinging in Washington Square Park

“Sipping” ice tea at Financier Pâtisserie by the marina in Battery Park…

I love the concentration face!



Hanging out with Dad and his sweet Blueblockers in Battery Park, watching the preparations for the Tribeca Film Festival

The 74-degree weather kept us out, and we didn’t get back until around 8:30pm! We walked from Battery Park across to City Hall, over to the South Street Seaport, up the East River under the Brooklyn Bridge, through Chinatown (the *real* one, where strawberries are $1 a box and fish markets with fishtanks line the sidewalks), the Lower East Side, what’s left of Little Italy, and then back home through SoHo.  Seth and I have sunburns (don’t worry, we kept the babe covered up) and my legs are sore, but we hear it’s going to be in the 80s today…so back out we’ll go! This time bringing more picnic gear, the stroller, sunscreen, and Seth’s skateboard.

But first… 7 photos of last night’s 7-month birthday yogurt feast:








Another Street Find


See anything new?

We rented a car on Saturday to scope out our new (fingers crossed!) neighborhood. It must have been a great day for a garage sale because there seemed to be leftover used goods all along some of the streets. Lo and behold, this lovely all-wood highchair hadn’t sold and was sitting on the curb. We made it fit in the trunk and voilà! Jax has a highchair a little sooner than we thought he would.

{He had been using the Bumbo seat from Aunt Renée at mealtime until this week.}

But will it work? The answer, in photos:




Wooden Toys from Vermont


Happy Earth Day! I thought talking about wooden toys would be appropriate for the day’s festivities.

Our friends Bérengère and Perry (and their cute almost two-year-old twins) sent us some adorable natural wooden toys made in Vermont by Maple Landmark Woodcraft. Jax is finally old enough to play with them and thinks they’re fun to bang around, roll, and bite. I thought I’d look up the company to see what they’re all about (and for future gift-giving reference…), and was pleasantly surprised with their line of toys called Schoolhouse Naturals, which are unfinished. They make the standard firetrucks and school buses (so cute), but also more unusual vehicles, like a hybrid car and recycling truck. And I am in love these alphabet blocks!


Outtakes from our December photo shoot

Back in December we had the pleasure of meeting with our wedding photographer, Jason Angelini, to take some photos of a 3-month old Jax in Florida. Jason is in New York City at the moment and we are going to have another photo shoot tomorrow, this time with our possibly rain-drenched neighborhood as a backdrop.

In honor of Jax’s modeling talents, I offer you outtakes from the December 21st session. Look how little he his! and his hair is so “short” by today’s standards… The expressions are priceless.







My home design twin

A teacup collection, white wrought-iron crib, Moroccan ottoman, a large abstract blue-ish oil painting, and a yellowing book on a white duvet cover. Is this my apartment? I feel like I’ve had a vision of what our new place will look like once the above possessions of ours are finally brought out of storage.


Check out this lovely home tour on Design Sponge. Oh, and the location? Yaletown, Vancouver, home to my very own sister, Laura. Laura, you can feel free to stalk this place on my behalf.


You can’t celebrate Easter without Passover. Jax is the biggest fan of matzo! Although I’m not sure how much was actually ingested, when I took it away for fear it would break into chokeable pieces, he was not pleased. Highlights of the matzo experiment:





…and now for some gratuitous baby shots:





Easter Crafts in Progress

I am going for a 99% homemade Easter this year. That means saving cash and making each gift meaningful, since I’m taking the time to create it. I was able to make everything this year with stuff I already had: fabric Auntie Grace bought for us last summer, stuffing from an old pillow that had become lumpy, card stock and a laser printer, even an old pair of boxer shorts.

First, I used Martha Stewart’s templates to make this hen and chick. For the chick, I just printed the pdf at 100% and forwent adding the comb and wattle. For the larger hen I printed the pdf at 200%, which as you can see not just doubles the size but actually appears much larger. I had to sew everything by hand since I don’t have my machine out of storage yet. That made the process much, much longer than it needed to be, but it’s still an unbelievably simple project I highly recommend.


{The wing is made with said boxers on the outside and yellow felt underneath}

{Yes, I sewed the wattle a little too far to the end of the beak. It now looks like a tongue sticking out, which is what I’ll say it is from now on.}


{I’ll take more flattering pictures tomorrow, with the daylight and the *real* camera.}

For us adults, I have printed out this vintage-looking bunny basket pattern from the awesome Toymaker site (have a look around there if you’ve never been). A few store-bought chocolates or jelly beans and we’re set.

Oh, and how sweet is this pinwheel? Jax is big into paper these days (crunching it up and tearing it to shreds), so it could be a hit if I don’t mind it getting destroyed.