7 Months


Good morning! Guess who’s 7 months old?

The momentous event of this 7th month: a tooth! Last Tuesday we saw the first little slivers of the bottom left tooth, and now, a week and a half later, Jax is biting everything in sight. We think bottom tooth #2 may be on it’s way out too.

Yesterday after my class and meetings with students were over around 11:30, Seth and Jax met me at my office and we took an impromptu stroll along the West Side Highway (our favorite go-to spot in nice weather). Our now 7-month old can ride in the baby carrier in Seth’s back, so we didn’t even need a stroller and Seth had no trouble carrying him.

Swinging in Washington Square Park

“Sipping” ice tea at Financier Pâtisserie by the marina in Battery Park…

I love the concentration face!



Hanging out with Dad and his sweet Blueblockers in Battery Park, watching the preparations for the Tribeca Film Festival

The 74-degree weather kept us out, and we didn’t get back until around 8:30pm! We walked from Battery Park across to City Hall, over to the South Street Seaport, up the East River under the Brooklyn Bridge, through Chinatown (the *real* one, where strawberries are $1 a box and fish markets with fishtanks line the sidewalks), the Lower East Side, what’s left of Little Italy, and then back home through SoHo.  Seth and I have sunburns (don’t worry, we kept the babe covered up) and my legs are sore, but we hear it’s going to be in the 80s today…so back out we’ll go! This time bringing more picnic gear, the stroller, sunscreen, and Seth’s skateboard.

But first… 7 photos of last night’s 7-month birthday yogurt feast:








2 thoughts on “7 Months

  1. How is he getting so old so fast?!!! On a side note, his chubby little arms in these pictures look delish!

  2. He looks like such a grown up in that first picture! I agree with Laura, his doughy arms look scrumptious! 🙂

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