Our NYC Photo Shoot

One more week of teaching to go (I am counting the hours! My classes are great, but Jax is still having trouble with me leaving…), and this was just the Monday morning surprise I needed: the preview shots from our photo shoot are up on Jason Angelini’s blog! Quick, head on over!


6 thoughts on “Our NYC Photo Shoot

  1. Not only is he an adorable baby, that has to be one of my favourite photographs of a baby ever!

  2. These are amazing!! You’ll have plenty of things to hang on the walls of your new place. 🙂

  3. Rachel those are so wonderful! Every single one of them is absolutely striking. I also love that Jax is wearing the sweater you made. What a great keepsake. Can’t wait to hear about your new place that Monica is referring to!

  4. I’ve already commented on Facebook, but I can’t believe how amazing those photos are! Jax is absolutely adorable and looks like such a happy baby.

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