Hand-made quilt from Arthur & Janene

I blogged about this a while ago, but I’ve finally got more pictures to share. Our wonderful friend Janene made this beautiful quilt by hand! It was such a wonderful surprise. She knows how much I love a hand-made gift, and I hope she knows how much we appreciate the time she took to create such a special heirloom. The colors are bold and fun and such a happy mix of oranges and reds that we love. Jax loves to play on it and tug at the stripes.




Look at that edge! I love how the border is pieced together to match the big stripe.


Janene even used organic cotton batting for this blanket. So thoughtful.

Action Shots:


Grabbing for the stripes…He usually tries to pick them up.



Thank you so much, Arthur and Janene! I will finally get your thank-you card to you once this semester is over. My tardiness doesn’t at all reflect how much we’re enjoying the blanket!

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