How to frame a vintage sweater for a nursery


This sweater has been in the family for a while. My mom wore it when she was a toddler in the 50s, and then me and my two sisters did as well. Before I get the chance to mend it and replace the missing buttons, I’ve been meaning to create a way to display it in the nursery (corner). I love bold, primary colors and thought it would be an interesting visual piece.

I’ve had an unfinished gallery frame with broken glass (oops) since August and finally decided to do something about all of these projects. The frame was perfect for displaying something with depth, but the challenge was to make the backing at the back of the frame instead of at the front. I did this by covering the backing with fabric and then stapling the ends of that fabric to the back of the wood frame. That forced the backing to the back, and because the sweater is actually supported by a string which is attached to the frame, the backing should stay in place without any stress.












4 thoughts on “How to frame a vintage sweater for a nursery

  1. I love your nursery. Your creativity is amazing. I’ll be keeping this idea for our own nursery one day in the future. 🙂

  2. Thanks for the positive feedback! I love the challenge of creating something new out of things I have laying around. If only I would actually finish all the projects I have ideas for…

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