Let’s talk hair

As you have probably figured out by now, we are a hairy bunch. My little sister Laura had to have bangs cut within hours of coming out of the womb and at 2 months (3 months? I can never remember), she looked like this:


My sister Monica and I can’t leave the house without a pound of gel in our unwieldy curls (or a headscarf) and my mom’s hair defies gravitational theory each morning (it is “just a theory” after all, silly scientists). Seth’s baby and toddler pictures don’t offer much hope from the Weintraub side to counter our wild hair gene:


Jax’s signature look is the hair he’s inherited from us all, but I’m starting to worry it’s affecting his psyche. Case in point: two nights ago he was rubbing his eyes/side burns, as he always does when he’s tired, and his finger got caught in a tangle. He couldn’t figure out that it was his finger doing the pulling, so he kept pulling harder and cried and cried as we grabbed his arm and untangled the finger. His bangs are getting so long I’m wondering if his 33-week-old vision isn’t what it should be, and that he doesn’t complain because he doesn’t know how else to live.


We aren’t die-hard about the wait-till-he’s-one thing, but at the same time feel like an 8-month-old might look funny with a “big boy” haircut. Option 1 is to just cut the bangs and tell everyone his mullet is ironic, like the ones you see loafing about in Williamsburg. Option 2 is to give him a proper haircut, all the way around, and risk the Elvis-wig look. Option 3 is to do nothing and buy a dozen “I am a boy” shirts for the kid.


What do you think?

12 thoughts on “Let’s talk hair

  1. OMG, could your sister have been any cuter? That hair is great, and so is Jax’s! I say leave it, people still think Finn is a girl, and we have had his hair cut twice now. I just smile and say “thanks, he’s not a girl!”

  2. Ahhh the hair….. it is indeed a major point of discussion in this family! Dude, what’s wrong with the Elvis coif?! I rocked it.

    I don’t know that I can speak for Jacob, though. I guess these are my thoughts…..
    Option A: Cut the bangs, rock the mullet with hipster pride. Although, beware of the other hipster babies who might call him a poser.
    Option B: Leave it alone, but start using your own hair products on him to cement that stuff away of his eyes. Maybe he could have something of an Old Hollywood look. Classic.

  3. Well let’s assess. He has very fine hair for now so it will prolly get away from any style you try to put it in. But maybe… styling produit are the way to go.

    I’m a fan of a teeny trim around the eyes, but that beautiful hair will be soooo hard to watch fall to the floor.

  4. Well,
    I do not recommend putting a bowl on his head and cutting around it. Grandad did that to Richard and Granny’s mother cried. It looked really awful apparently. A bit like Caesar, I guess.
    No matter what you do, he will be gorgeous. On the one hand, if you cut his hair, you see more of his wonderful face, and if you do not cut it, you see more of his wonderful hair. You cannot lose either way. I would go to a special kids hair cutting place when you are ready though.
    I get to see you all in just a week!

  5. He’s so cute and that hair… Oh I love the hair. Maybe there’s a way to trim the hair just a wee bit so you can’t even really tell it’s been cut? ya know, layers and stuff. Ha. Layers on an 8 month old, what a funny dilemma.

  6. Jax’ hair is so cute the way it is (and he’s a doll!), so I think option 4 could be “go with it and pretend you’ll be able to french-braid it someday”. People always thought Jamie was a girl, because of his hair and eyelashes, and it was the closest to a having a girl baby I got (and I tried, OK!). Glad your’e all doing so well 🙂

  7. Thanks for all your ideas! It’s still there; we haven’t made any hair-related moves yet. We may start with a little trim around the eyes, but for the past few days we’ve been able to have him wear a hat to keep the bangs back.

    @Laura: your baby picture was a huge hit this weekend at the Jersey Shore. Some were humored, others downright shocked!

  8. I can’t help you at all b/c it is too tough a choice! His hair is SO ADORABLE and I LOVE IT, but your story about the tangle made me feel bad for him.

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