Red Balloon Birthday Party

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Happy First Birthday to Jacob DeWitt!




The dining room setup: even the high chair was put to use.

The den is just to the right of the living room and on the way outside. We had The Red Balloon movie looped and playing in here (at my desk) to set the scene. Because there is very little dialogue in the movie, it served as background music as well. Balloon garland and paper lanterns from Pearl River.



These “red balloon” mini sandwiches were an idea I got from the wonderful Party Perfect blog, the readers of which helped me brainstorm. These photos show the toddler-friendly cream cheese version. Paris plates from Marshall’s.


I also had an adult version: ham and swiss cheese with French mustard on pain au levain (French sourdough bread we are lucky to find at our farmer’s market, along with those olives in the foreground).

The inside menu: cupcakes, mini “red balloon” sandwiches, the all-important fromage plate, salad, and sangria.


I made the pennant bunting myself out of heavy scrapbook paper and embroidery floss. It was easy to divide the 12×12″ pieces into triangles, dividing in half lengthwise and in thirds crosswise and drawing long diagonal lines from top to bottom (does that make sense?), resulting in 10 triangles per sheet. The whole bundle of paper, cutouts, labels, stickers, and punch-outs were in vintage 50s prints. I used less than a quarter of the stack and created a whole party from it:  liners for the invitation envelopes (above), the “Happy Birthday” garland hanging from the window in the center, and photo “frames” for baby photos adorning the wall.




The paper straws and wooden disposable utensils are from Can Do Chefs.


The birthday boy, greeting guests by the door.


Outside we had the non-alcoholic drinks: lemonade served in a this dispenser, Orangina, Perrier, apple juice boxes, milk boxes, and sippy cups for the little ones. Our wonderful next-door neighbor Jane let us borrow the beautiful folding bamboo chairs. She even had a 1-year-old-sized version. {I didn’t take any photos during the party, so I’ll post more outside pictures when I get them! Edit: See below!}

The red balloons were a huge hit with all the toddlers.
{Hint: when mylar balloons are popped, they don’t become choking hazards as the rubber ones do.}

Update: Some more photos from Grandma & Grandpa Weintraub show the scene outdoors!

Toddler sized French bistrot chair

One of the most fun activities for the little ones was to smash those balloons!


They played in a band, too



A lone balloon at the end of the driveway let arriving guests know they were in the right place.


We all love you, Jax!

12 thoughts on “Red Balloon Birthday Party

  1. What fun! The balloon sandwiches are truly inspired. The movie is my favorite short film. Perfect bold shape for the little ones. I feel like I was there.

    Happy birthday, Jax DW!

    Love, Auntie Grace

  2. Rachel, I’m amazed!! You did such an amazing job on the party! I love the pennant decorations and the sandwiches. Such cool ideas!

    Happy Birthday, Jax! Love, Aunt Monica

  3. Rachel, everything looks so great! I wish I could have been there for all the fun!

    Happy Birthday, Jacob!!!

    Love you,
    Aunt Laura

  4. I’m amazed! The decorations are great! I love the invitations!! And also the triangles (even if I’m not sure to understand the explanations…).
    Jax is so lucky to have such an imaginative mother!
    Happy birthday!!!!!!!!!

  5. Lovely, lovely! Such a beautiful party. I’m going back to look at the photos as soon as I hit Submit Comment.

    Happy birthday, Jax! You have a fantastic mama!

  6. Rachel, I love that you were able to use my cherry tomato balloon idea from Party Perfect!

    I’m a party planner, so if you or someone you know needs ideas in the future, I’d love to help! I offer party blueprints at really reasonable prices!

    All the best,

  7. i love this whole party theme!
    adorable. i need to watch that film again too. what a chic little party for a toddler 😉
    i’m off to check out your links too, to see where you got your goodies.
    happy sunday!

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