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We had a fabulous weekend in Milwaukee for a dear friend’s baby shower. What a wonderful occasion to catch up! Jax and I successfully traveled alone, though upgrading to business class definitely made the experience go more smoothly than expected {thank you, Air Tran, for the affordable option!}. Here’s some other stuff going on:

~ Laura and Corey are in Bangkok! Follow their adventures here. We are desperate to figure out how to visit them at some point during their 6-month south-east Asian adventure. Can we swing it with a toddler?  This post about a dad traveling with his little girl in India is somewhat promising.

~ I am going to be an audience member on the Martha Stewart show next Friday and need to make a wild-animal mask of some sort. Shall I delve into papier maché? That is the big craft question of the week. I may just go the easy route and be a pheasant (most feathers you can buy in craft stores are pheasant ones). Monday is my deadline.

~ Yesterday was picture day at preschool and Jax was apparently all smiles. Can’t wait to see his first school pictures!

~ Oh yeah, did I mention I am working on my third dissertation chapter? Woot! When the choice is writing about 19th-century studies of hysteria and blogging, I’ve had to choose the former, but it’s been interesting. I have been slowly collecting house pictures, however, to give you all a virtual tour in my next post.

In the mean time, some snapshots of what we’ve been up to:


We made pudding together.


We went to a wedding in Brooklyn via train and subway.









We tried on a Halloween costume.




We played in the backyard leaves.




And yesterday, had quite an artistic experience with paint!


5 thoughts on “What’s going on in my world

  1. I love the leaf pictures! Jeff always is saying that kids don’t need toys, they just need sticks and rocks. 🙂

  2. Great pictures!! You seem to have so much fun!
    Bon courage avec la thèse (don’t know how to say “bon courage” in english…)

  3. You should definitely come join us for a visit in Asia!

    I love the pictures and miss you all!!!

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