The Martha Show: Halloween Special

On Friday my friend Curran and I were audience members of the Martha Stewart Show’s Halloween special. We were told to wear home-made animal masks or dress up as an animal in honor of the Where the Wild Things Are theme, and our masks were no competition for some of the creations we saw. There was some amazing stuff, especially a couple of full-body felt owl costumes. Among the highlights of the show were a black vodka cocktail, furry masks, and Jimmy Fallon having his hand put in a bowl of meal worms.

If you missed it, there should be clips in the next few days found here, and there are already photos on Martha’s blog.


I’m a pheasant and didn’t realize the birds had such a weird face until I googled an image of one. They really look like this, I swear!





The feathers coming out of my hair in the back were the bird’s “body.”


**Squint** Can you see me in the back row? I’m visible just to the right of the woman with the horns.

I’m in this photo, too, but far, far away!

I’m the fourth person to the left of the bunny ears.

2 thoughts on “The Martha Show: Halloween Special

  1. Cool! I just watched the show, since I missed it when it was on tv. I think I caught a glimpse of you a few times. Your mask looks great!! That’s so cool that you got to do that. 🙂

  2. This is awesome!!! I love the masks! I’ll have to watch the show online once I’m out of China….

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