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The biggest accomplishment of the past weeks has been finishing the draft of my third chapter (only one more to go!), but I also found some time for a couple of craft breaks.

Remember that vintage sweater I framed last year? Since Jax has actually been wearing the thing, I thought it was time for a nursery decor overhaul. I have this lovely quilted doll blanket my Aunt Marge Ann made for me when I was little, and I’ve finally found the perfect use for it:

The new and improved reading corner: framed doll blanket hanging over the dog-bed-turned cozy corner. The alligator pillow is a TJ Maxx find (and Jax fell in love with the animal in Florida ?? “adiddle” he calls them), and the green velvet one is something I made and thought would add interesting texture. The big white pillow is a fuzzy quilted floor pillow.

I then took an idea from Purl Soho that I’ve been harboring for over two years and added some colorful interest to another blank wall:

Once I blogged about the DIY ribbon tag toys I was making, my friend Cecilia requested a couple – one for herself and one for a friend:

{That little donkey print gets around!}

Here are some in-progress pictures:

I also finished a knit bonnet ?? my first time trying this pattern and this yarn (big fan of both) ?? and sent it off to baby Tegan out in California.

Here’s a tip for gifting your yarn work: make a tag the same size as the yarn label and tie them together to the gift. That way, all the info about material content and washing instructions is all there.

Finally, for a totally random travel idea from the daughter of two scientists, you can make toddler snack packs with little test tubes. {Don’t worry, these were never used in any experiments!} My mom gave me a ton of these to organize craft supplies, but they worked wonders during our trip: not only are you only dealing with one serving of snacks at a time, but the twist-off cap can become an intriguing toy for the toddler.

O’s cereal, Cheddar crackers, and Dried Cranberries, ready for take-off

Similarly, if you need special laundry detergent on the go (if you are using cloth diapers or if your tot has sensitive skin), the tubes work well for that, too:

Just don’t try to get these guys through security…Who knows what they’ll think.

And voilà, my list of recent crafty randomness.

10 thoughts on “Recent Projects

  1. I love the idea of the reuse of the frames (idea from Purl Soho). I have about one hundred of those frames that were handed down to me that I wasn’t sure I would ever get to use. Now I can use them all – thanks!

  2. Dad says he has more of those test tubes if you need them. I use them to keep my coins separate and then label them with real large letters (5, 10, 25) so that I can read them for the tolls when I am going to Chicago. I also use them to hold small parts to doo dads.

  3. I love the quilt on the wall! I have the other one that Marge Ann made and I have been trying to think of what to do with it. Those taggies are really cute too!! I love those fabrics! Next time I’m in NY we should make a trip to that store.

  4. I have 50 mL tubes that I use for beads. I like how the caps are really secure rather than those flimsy storage things that you can get in craft stores. 🙂

  5. I love that you still make time with your busy life to do the things you love. You’ve got serious talent!

    Tegan LOVES her bonnet, thank you! It’s so, so lovely and she’s so lucky to have received such a beautiful gift- thanks!

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