New Month, New ‘Do

Two weeks ago we ditched our pleasant-smelling, all natural Burt’s Bees baby shampoo for what was supposed to be some hard-core de-tangling baby shampoo “for curly hair.” But that stuff didn’t stand a chance against Jax’s bedhead. We were better off with our previous routine of Burt’s Bees shampoo followed by grown-up conditioner followed by conditioning styling oil meant for the silky smooth hairstyle of an adult woman. Oh yes, and several long minutes of combing and squirming and applying more product. All this for a 17-month-old boy? We decided to let Jax get into a complicated hair routine on his own time and for now, give him a new, much shorter hair do. {Not to mention he had his bangs permanently in his face.}

Now I understand why my sister and I had borderline mullets until we could do our own hair. We have the crazy hair gene.

Here’s the before:

I know, he is so cute with his robot PJ’s and emo hair! I’m starting to feel nostalgic, but have to remember he’s making that face not because he’s trying to translate emotional angst into a guitar riff, but because he is trying to get the bangs out of his eyes so he can see the blocks he’s stepping on.

Here’s the after, dreadlock-free in the back:

Some shots in action, just before bedtime tonight:

I think we’re all happy with the new haircut, even if it will take us some getting used to!

4 thoughts on “New Month, New ‘Do

  1. friend! He is adorable as always. And in the spiritof before and afters he does look miserable in the before! And gleefull in the after. Hahahaah

  2. He looks so great! I feel you with the bangs in the eyes, we have that problem with Finn! And I love the backpack, we have the same one 🙂

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